Industrial Inverter


We offer digital inverter, which are designed to provide stable A.C. during power failure. These are fully automatic and completely noiseless. The models available with us are 250 VA to 5 KVA.
The salient features of our range include:
* Easy installation on A.C. mains after separating power line, there by automatically disconnecting the unwanted during power failure.
* Auto Start/Stop- Our inverter starimages on automatically during power failure and goes off when the mains is restored.
* Auto Search Facility- Our product shuimages off, if the load is greater then it's rated output and keeps searching for iimages correctness after every 5 secs. As soon as the load is decreased, it geimages on.
* Short Circuit Protection- This inverter automatically shut off during short circuit.
* Mosfet Technology is used to achieve longer backup time from same size of batteries.
* Stable Output , which gives fixed voltage and frequency even when the load is less, on battery mode. This protecimages the valuable appliances from burnout due to high voltage.
* Controlled Battery Charging Circuiimages
* With circuit built in, the batteries are protected against overcharge and deep discharged it charges the batteries at constant optimum rate over input voltage range from 160 V to 300 V it thus increase the battery life.
* Status Display

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