Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Key Features

* Fast Correction rate and very high efficiency.
* Works over wide input frequency range and no waverform distortion.
* Specially designed high performance I.C. based control circuit for ultra high reliability.
* Auto / Manual operation facility.
* Stabilizers are subject to routine and type testes in accordance with latest BIS standards (BIS: 9815-94)
* Unaffected by Load Power Factor.
* Over voltage and under voltage indicators.
* Output voltage adjustability provided on panel.
* All components used are of reputed makes conforming to relevent BiS standards.
* Easy accessibility from all four sides.
* Plug-in type glass-epoxy control cards for easy on line serviceability.

Advantages Of ADP Servo Voltage Stabilizers

* Corrects voltage automatically and continuously.
* Induction motors operate at high efficiency when supplied with constant Voltage.
* Protects costly equipments from menace of High/ Low Voltage, thus cutting down the maintenance cost.
* 100% depreciation as per Income Tax act.
* Increased Productivity.
* Low Production losses & better efficiency in plant.
* Saves on diesel cost, as generator iS not required to run at High / Low input voltage.
* Reduction in electricity bills up to the level of app. 15% (This depends on the input variation, loading and the number of working hours)
* Easy accessibility from all four sides.
* Reduces MDI and saves Power.
* Increased Productivity.

Field Of Application

* Information Technology and Call centers.
* Computer and Micro-Processor Controlled Equipments.
* Sophisticated research instruments used in Scientific, Medical, Agriculture, Educational and other Research institutions.
* Complete Hospital and Nursing Homes
* Medical Equipments, X-Ray Machines, E.C.G. Machines / Monitors, MRI, CT Scans etc.
* Defence Installations, LPTs, HPTs, Broadcasting and Telecommunications.
*  Lifts, Escalators and Elevators.
* Central Air-Conditioning Plants, Processing Plant, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries.
* Offset Printing Presses. Colour Scanners, Processors, Photographic, Photo Copiers and Packaging Industries.
* Commercial Buildings and Complexes.
* CNC Machines, Laser Machines and Moulding Machines etc.

Technical Specification

* Capacity
* Input Voltage
* Output Voltage
* Regulation
* Supply Frequency
* Efficiency
* Effect of Load Power Factor
* Wave form Distortion
* Rate of Correction
* Duty Cycle
* Response Time
* Cooling
* Over Load Capability
* No Load Losses
* Suitability
* Mounting
* Earthing
* Suitable for 3 Ph. unbalanced/balanced supply & unbalanced / balanced load.
* Earthing Terminals Provided.

* 1 KVA to 100 KVA (Single Phase)
* 3 KVA to 300 KVA (Three Phase)
* 160V - 260V, 140V - 270V (Single Phase)
* 300V - 450V, 240V - 470V (Three Phase)
* 220V / 230v / 240v Single Phase
* 380V / 400V / 415V Three Phase
* ± 1% or better.
* 47 Hz - 53 Hz.
* better than 97%
* Nil
*  Better than 20V / sec. in AIR cooled models.
* Better than 36V / sec. in OIL cooled models.
* 100% continuous.
* Less than 100 ms.
* Air / Oil as per requirement.
* Upto 200% momentarily.
* Less then 0.8% over entire range.
* On Wheels

Selection Guide

Choosing the right KVA of a Servo Stabilizer
a. KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. of lift * 3
b. KVA of Stabilizer = Tonnage of A.C. plant * 2
c. KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. for Resistive loads
d. KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. or K.W./ Power factor for Reactive loads.
Note : While precuring / installing servo stabilizer on mains, care should be taken and ensure that the capacity of servo voltage stabilizer is more than the maximum load
connected / Can be operated through it at any time.

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